Por favor, vea nuestros diversos recursos para aprender más sobre la educación Waldorf en el Caribe y en todo el mundo. 

Please see our various resources to learn more about Waldorf education in the Caribbean and around the world. 


  • Logo for Escuela Micael Waldorf School Aguadilla Puerto Rico

    Meet Escuela Waldorf Micael School in Puerto Rico

    Get to know Escuela Micael Waldorf School, Aguadilla Puerto Rico

  • Backyard view of tree and playground at Escuela Micael Puerto Rico

    Escuela Micael Waldorf School, Waldorf Education since 2009

    Escuela Waldorf Micael, Aguadilla Puerto Rico. Educación Waldorf desde 2009

  • Cartoon picture of a father

    Simplicity Parenting

    Book review of Kim Payne's Simplicity Parenting.

  • Video thumbnail from Acorn Hill Waldorf School titled Ms. Carol Shares

    Gentle Approaches to Teaching Children How to Listen

    We believe that play is the serious work of childhood, and that learning by doing provides the foundation for critical thinking, problem solving and a lifelong enthusiasm for knowledge

  • Image of teacher and child in Waldorf Education setting

    Pedagogía Waldorf, el documental.

    Un panorama sobre la educación Waldorf, de acuerdo con la visión del Colegio Inlakesh.


  • Book Cover image from Simplicity Parenting

    Simplicity Parenting

    Today’s busier, faster society is waging an undeclared war on childhood.

  • Book Cover Image of Endangered Minds

    Endangered Minds: Why Children Don't Think And What We Can Do About It

    Is today's fast-paced media culture creating a toxic environment for our children's brains?

  • The Soul of Discipline Book Cover Image

    The Soul of Discipline

    The Simplicity Parenting Approach

  • Pedagogia de Waldorf Book Cover Image

    Pedagogía Waldorf: una educación hacia la libertad (Spanish Edition)

    Este libro contiene el 2ºgrupo de conferencias que Rudolf Steiner dio para la formación de los primeros maestros Waldorf de Stuttgart.

  • Book Cover Image for Apegoyliteratura


    Libro y materiales relacionados con la pedagagío de Waldorf

Sugerencia de materiales:

  • Klean Kanteen container image

    Insulated TKCanister 8 oz

    Our 8 oz Insulated Food Canister features TK Closure™ internal thread design for increased thermal performance and a newly designed bowl-shaped base.

  • Waldorf Crayons image

    Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons

    8 Assorted Waldorf Colors in Tin

  • Water Color Paper Package Image

    UCreate Watercolor Paper

    White, Package, 140 lb., 9" x 12", 50 Sheets

  • Educators paint brushes image

    Creative Arts Flat Tip Paint Brushes

    Ideally designed for small hands, these stubby-handled brushes come in an assortment of rainbow colors and are made with hog-hair bristles.

  • Image of girl in raincoat

    Rain Wear

    Rainwear for those beautiful, tropical rainy days.

  • Kids rain boot image

    Rain Boots

    Rain boots are perfect for active boys and girls

Por que esperamos / Why we wait

Por que esperamos. Haga clic aquí para conocer las razones por las que esperamos números y letras

Why we wait. Click here to learn the reasons we wait for letters and numbers.

  • child reading a book


    In early childhood, language is taught through story time and circle time: songs, verses, rhymes and poems are all incorporated. It may look like play, but language skills are being developed daily.

  • The letter A

    How Do Children Learn to Write and to Read?

    Rudolf Steiner explained that reading is not an analytical skill it is a skill of synthesis. 

  • infographic for science of reading

    Science of Reading: The Podcast

    Neuroscience and early literacy: Dr. Bruce McCandliss

  • Childrens blocks with letters

    Stop Teaching Your Preschooler How to Read

    Parents don’t need to worry about teaching young kids the mechanics of reading.

  • Kids using imagination

    Too much, too young: Should schooling start at age 7?

    AT WHAT age should children start formal schooling?

  • child resting elbows on a book

    Pushing Kids to Read Too Much, Too Early is Counterproductive

    Exactly why are we pushing kids to read so early?

  • Child writing in a notebook

    Teach Kids When They’re Ready

    A new book for parents on developing their kids’ sense of autonomy has some useful insights for teachers as well.

  • book cover for Endangered Minds

    Endangered Minds: Why Children Don't Think And What We Can Do About It

    Is today's fast-paced media culture creating a toxic environment for our children's brains?

Importancia de la ceremonia / Importance of ceremony

Importancia de la ceremonia, la tradición y la comunidad (enlaces sobre cómo los eventos en la escuela son importantes para el bienestar emocional del niño)

Importance of ceremony, tradition, and community (links about how the events at school are important to child’s emotional well being)

  • 4 images in a box depicting the different seasons

    Natural Learning Through Seasonal Festivals

    Waldorf education epitomizes the concept of natural learning. It views human beings and the natural world as interwoven expressions of spiritual realities, culturing respect and responsibility for the earth, which provides sustenance for us all. 

  • Coach getting high 5 from student

    The Power Of Social And Emotional Learning

    It’s become increasingly critical that we embrace and embed social and emotional learning (SEL) in both in-school and out-of-school environments. 

  • Image of May Fair

    May Faire and other Spring Festivals.

    The how's and why's of celebrating the seasons in a Waldorf school.

¡¡Somos un equipo!! / We are a TEAM!

¡¡Somos un equipo!! El diseño de la administración Waldorf y los beneficios de participar.

We are a TEAM!! Waldorf administration design and the benefits of being involved.

  • Photo of Rudolph Steiner

    Self-Administration and Governance in Waldorf Schools

    On April 23, 1919, Emil Molt, the owner of the Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Factory in Stuttgart, Germany, asked Rudolf Steiner to take on the planning and leadership of a school.

  • Logo for Escuela Micael Waldorf School Aguadilla Puerto Rico

    Structure: a system of shared governance

    The school is governed through a system of shared governance.