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Educating the Hands, the Heart, and the Head

As you walk in to the peach colored room with stained glass windows you smell warm bread baking and hear children playing.  The children are building playhouses and inviting each other into their silk-curtained homes, bringing baskets of wooden fruits and vegetables to share.  The teacher is attentively watching from a distance, while she hums and knits a jump rope for them to use outside. It is time to clean up; the teacher stands and begins folding a cloth, still humming.  A student walks over to help fold and the other students begin putting their toys to sleep in their baskets on the shelves. They all help set the table and sit down together for their organic vegetarian meal they each helped make.  They bless their food, thanking the Earth and the Sun. The children enjoy their nutritious meal and then take their plate to the kitchen to wash. They quickly hurry back to their classroom for story-time.

Contáctenos y conozca más sobre la Escuela Micael y la Educación Waldorf.

En Escuela Micael, ofrecemos varios programas inspirados por la pedagogía Waldorf.

Todos incluyen tiempo para el juego libre, ronda, juegos, canciones y poesías, meriendas orgánicas y saludables, actividades artísticas (pintura, modelado con cera de abejas, dibujo, artes manuales), cuento, teatrillo de mesa y juego al aire libre.

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