Escuela Micael Fundraiser 2019

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Escuela Micael Puerto Rico

Escuela Micael Puerto Rico 2019 Fundraiser

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Our dear Escuela Micael nestled in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico has come a long way since it was established in 2009. We believe the change we yearn for in Puerto Rico can start right here in Escuela Micael, from students educated to become independent analytical thinkers and creative resilient problem solvers. These past two years were a big challenge for our community with the unexpected changes brought by Hurricane María.  In order to reopen its doors to our community, many of our resources had to be redirected to rebuilding and restructuring our school. We are now ready to undertake a new challenge. 

We are happy to announce that this year we will open our 7th Grade!  We are grateful to our community of students, faculty, and families for making Escuela Micael such a diverse and inclusive school.

Esc. Micael Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Given the evident growth in enrollment, we have the urgent need to create a new playground suited for our older students. 

Meanwhile, our pre-school and kindergarten students also need a new swing set.

The playground pictured here is an idea for the main structure, to which other equipment would be added, such as swings and slacklines.

Esc. Micael Proposed New Playground Area

With increased enrollment we also need to expand our picnic/lunch area for our Elementary and Middle School students. Currently, we do not have enough tables to accommodate all students to have lunch communally. 

 We require additional picnic tables and must fix the existing tables.

Esc. Micael Picnic Area Fundraiser

We also need to offer an outside area big enough and with the necessary equipment and safety fencing for our students to play freely.  Therefore, we request your support to build a fence that will separate playground and picnic areas from the school parking area to ensure a safe area for our children.   

Esc. Micael Aerial view of proposed new areas

Our Needs:

  • Materials for playground and picnic tables (wooden swing set, slides, slacklines, sunshades, climbing stones, rope, wood, paint, screws, etc..): $7,900
  •  Labor: $7,500
  • Fence: $2,600

Goal: $16,000

We are very grateful for your support. No donation is too small.

Escuela Micael is certified as a nonprofit organization under both the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code Section 1101.01 and the Federal Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

If you wish to send a check please mail to:

Escuela Micael

P.O. Box 6161

Aguadilla, PR  00604

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